Formed in the late, 90’s Diffraction have been writing music for 20 years now, combining soulful violin, and other classical instruments, with hard hitting drum and bass.


Rick Koster is a member of the Smith Quartet and Duke Quartet with whom he has toured throughout the world and made numerous recordings. He has also played on many commercial recordings for artists such as Peter Doherty and Justice. In his work with Diffraction he has been interested in melding soulful classical violin with Drum ‘n Bass sound. Rick has released a number of EPs and remixes under his House Music moniker Minski.

Rupert produces Diffraction’s music and provides the drums, synth programming, and general technical knowhow. He has 20 years production experience, and ran Aftertouch Recording Studios.

The Diffraction album also features production input from Dimi on “Living Without You”, flute by Kathryn Fulford-Jones on “Atlantic Moonshine” and “Sunrise”, and vocals by Vanessa Goodliffe on “Logical Necessity”. The album was mixed by Adi Winman at The Lodge Studios in Godalming, and was mastered by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis.